Design with a purpose

Designing solutions considering changes in behavior, economics and technology.

Creating products with a high aesthetic value, aimed at a defined target group.


We work with 6 different categories within design.

None of them stands alone, but works as a mutual inspiration and ensures all jobs are undertaken with a holistic approach and understanding of design.

Our knowledge and experience of the design process; from the unique creation, to communication, to mass production, enables us to create products which are part of a whole, and thus adds to the building of the brand of the company.

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Creativity does not exist in a vacuum. Mass produced products are founded in a specification, which describes function, technology, production, distribution and sale. In this case, design has the function of creating synthesis between these specifications whilst adding the extra touch that attracts the target group.

The free objects are often without an intended receiver. They are an expression my desire to explore the intertwined fields of art, function and history.

One-off works