Design with a purpose

Designing solutions considering changes in behavior, economics and technology.

Creating products with a high aesthetic value, aimed at a defined target group.


We work with 6 different categories within design.

None of them stands alone, but works as a mutual inspiration and ensures all jobs are undertaken with a holistic approach and understanding of design.

Our knowledge and experience of the design process; from the unique creation, to communication, to mass production, enables us to create products which are part of a whole, and thus adds to the building of the brand of the company.

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Product design

“Good design can earn money as well as save money.”

Design can earn money by creating products with a high perceived-value that stretches far beyond the actual function. Design can save money by organizing a rational production that carefully takes logistics and distribution into account.

Good product design creates synergy between the needs and requirements of the user and the purpose of the company.

Product design works